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Meet Annie & Tim

Founders of Sense You Wellness & Intimacy Coach International

We are the founders of Intimacy Coach International and Annie is also a Columnist with Conscious Living  Odyssey Magazine (Blissexology)


We've trained Holistic Intimacy Coaches around the world, and been together for 28 years.

Tims' expertise in the editing and live event world has enabled us to work online and create digital retreats and courses with Bliss and Relaxation

We teach together on retreat and with Masterclasses and Courses, as well as running Wellness Events & the Sensorium Sound Experience with Immersive music & guided relaxation experiences for groups

We work in conjunction with other Wellness & Holistic Health Practitioners both online and in person and are part of the Wellness Way on the Hibiscus Coast (South Coast) KZN, South Africa


We have now expanded into creating Namaste Beaches (Bliss and Relaxation Community Hub) to help Wellness Practitioners, digital nomads & Spiritual Healers to exchange and thrive online without having to set up an entire platform by themselves!....

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How you can work with us...

Wellness Professional? 

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Apply to become part of our Namaste Beaches Community and access co created help with building your digital business...

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Womens' Workshop at the KwaZulu Spirit Festival


Intimacy Truths and Taboos

With Anne-Marie Clulow of Bliss and Relaxation


Sensorium Sound Experience  
Event live at the KwaZulu Spirit Festival

SPECIAL EVENT 10 August 5:45PM



Sound Immersion With Anne-Marie Clulow and Tim Visser of Bliss and Relaxation

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Train to become a Holistic Intimacy Coach..

Looking to follow a calling to work with people to heal their intimate lives, expand their consciousaness around intimacy and life force energy?

Anne-Marie holds online trainings and retreats around becoming an intimacy coach, what it involves and how you can become a certified intimacy coach..

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The Wellness Way

Anne-Marie is honoured to be part of the Wellness Way..


"Wellness Tourism is ‘Alive and Well’ and thriving on the KZN South Coast. The KwazuluSpirit Festival and Odyssey Magazine are the custodians of this route and will continue to develop this innovative Wellness Way in collaboration with Southern Explorer.

Collaboration is key, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself,” Henry Ford"

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Articles & Columns

Annie has written for Odyssey Magazine, for the Saturday Star and for courses on spiritual sensuality and sacred intimacy (tantra), how to become an intimacy coach, navigating long term relationships, menopause and libido and much more!

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