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Your online community for sharing the holistic healing & spiritual journey

Find resources, retreats and classes  no matter where you are in your personal journey as well as sliding scale payments and gifts offered by our community...

We are not all the same...
but we do not have to travel alone....

Welcome to Bliss and Relaxation, a place for healing, spiritual growth, and personal development.

We understand that we often have different core belief systems and spiritual paths, and there's no one path that works for everyone, so as you journey with us.....

Integrate what resonates & release the rest....

Get your FREE KwaZulu Spirit Festival Journal HERE!

We are the proud sponsors of the KwaZulu Spirit Festival Journal 2024!

Your Journal can be printed out with the schedule and notes for the KwaZulu Spirit Festival, and also kept on your phone or tablet with links to extra resources, info on the speakers and teachers at the festival plus other gifts and downloads as a digital journal to type into on your phone or tablet

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Just started your Holistic Healing Journey?

Find help, courses and community resources...

Wellness Professional? 

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Apply to become part of our Namaste Beaches Community and access co created help with building your digital business...

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Yoga Stretch

Want to start Somatic Movement or Yoga?

Find help, courses and community resources...

Other ways we can help you...

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More Bliss and Relaxation is within reach..

Learn how to co regulate your nervous system,love yourself, become body confident & link your sensual energy and life force!

Release anxiety, build confidence and reconnect to YOURSELF!

Start for free TODAY!

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