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More Bliss and Relaxation is within reach..

Learn how to co regulate your nervous system, improve intimacy, love yourself, become body confident & link your sensual energy and life force!

Release anxiety, build confidence and reconnect to YOURSELF!

Start for free TODAY!

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Hi, I'm Annie

So many people who really need access to deep bliss and relaxation practices just can't access them when they are bottoming out and needing help.

We know our work, works!

We have seen the transformational results in so many peoples' lives.


We offer retreats, courses and personal coaching in various aspects of bliss and relaxation for couples & singles...

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Image by Matthew Henry

Imagine if...

You could redesign your life

You could increase sensual life force energy for better health & improved sleep and relaxation....


You could reset and heal your nervous system to be able to receive more bliss and pleasure....

I believe in this work so much I give away the foundation Bliss Class & Journal and give you access to complimentary classes and talks...

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Does any of this sound like you?

Do you get frustrated with all the confusing advice about relationships and intimacy on the internet that isn't very practical or feels pornographic?


You want to heal your intimate life and increase libido and sensuality with tested methods and best practices as you age?


You want to feel supported and yet private as you learn this beautiful sensual journey work


Well, that's exactly what you can learn with our courses, classes and retreats

Some of our offerings...

We have a selection of events and online courses that you can attend ....

" I use the Bliss Class as my last line of defence for the days when there's a mish mash of tough emotions and fight or flight. The relaxation is next level..."

- Nel (Private Coaching Client)

“While I am disappointed and sad today (bad news) I'm also really grateful that the news hasn't hijacked my body. My nervous system feels way stronger than before"'

Online Course Client

Other ways we can help you...

Wellness Coach

Journey into Bliss..

Relax through pleasure and sensuality into your awakened intimate self with all of our courses available on our membership...

Coming in Feb..

Couples Retreat 23 -25 Feb 2024

Join us for a beautifully blissful and deeply relaxing Couples Retreat on the Hibiscus Coast - KZN- South Africa

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